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EU ditches old Plan S, backs new Plan S

EU policymakers have picked up a new cause: supporting so-called "diamond" open access. But does this make sense?

UNESCO’s open science plan moves forward

UNESCO's open science plans are moving forward. While these plans aren't precisely aligned with OSI's recommendations, there is common ground.

OSI 2022 Annual Report

OSI conducted global surveys of researchers in 2022, and used the findings from these surveys to inform open solutions policy development work. See the full report for details.

Findings from OSI’s global survey of researchers

What do researchers around the world think about open access and open data policies? What kinds of open policies do they really want and need?

Considering evidence-based approaches to open policy

According to the world’s most influential open access policies, only certain types of information outputs are genuinely open. In practice, however, there are actually many types of open access outcomes...

OSI 2021 Annual Report

OSI continued making strong progress in 2021 toward our goal of developing a workable, global policy framework for open solutions. See the full report for details.

UN General Assembly approves UNESCO policy

The UN General Assembly has unanimously approved UNESCO's open science recommendations.

UNESCO approves open science draft

UNESCO's open science policy draft was approved on May 11, 2021. The policy now moves on to a vote by the UN General Assembly in October.

TSK post: A unified approach to open

Some are perfectly happy with our community’s progress to date on open and are confident we’re heading in the right direction. Others have concerns that, especially given the complexities of...

OSI Brief: A unified approach to open

Is it possible to create a unified approach to different open solutions like open access, open data, and open source? Why should we con-sider this, what benefits might this approach...
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