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TSK post: A unified approach to open

Scholarly Kitchen

OSI’s recent policy paper on a unified approach to open was summarized in a recent post in The Scholarly Kitchen by Glenn Hampson, Mel DeSart and Rob Johnson:

“Open access, open data, open science, open source, open educational resources, and open government all have their own separate histories, constituencies and language. As a result, most of our open policies and actions (not just for open access, but for all open solutions), involving many actors from across the ideological, stakeholder and geographic spectrum, are not integrated in any significant way at the global level.

Why does this matter? Aren’t we doing just fine wandering around in our forest? It depends who you ask and how you define “fine”. Some are perfectly happy with our community’s progress to date on open and are confident we’re heading in the right direction. Others have concerns that, especially given the complexities of the road ahead, we need to better understand where we’re going so we don’t get lost or hit dead-ends.”