Helping science succeed
Helping science succeed

The Global CDR Action Network (CDRANet)


The IPCC has explained for years that we need to remove billions of tons of carbon dioxide from our Earth’s atmosphere every year between about 2050 and 2100. If we don’t, we’re cooked, literally. And yet, we’re nowhere remotely close to being able to do this. In fact, we haven’t even started developing a workable plan. In the meantime, the need for large-scale C02 removal has become more urgent than ever because we’ve missed all our emissions targets.

The Global CDR Action Network (CDRANet) is the world’s first and only global, high-level, ongoing event designed to bring together all key stakeholders to develop a workable plan for the future—including policy, technical, financial, social, moral-ethical, sustainability, and other vital considerations. Join this group and help save our planet while there’s still time.


The Global CDR Action Network (CDRANet, pronounced see-drah-net) is new partnership between countries, industries and institutions who will work together to create workable global policy for removing carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere at scale. Although there have been various efforts to-date exploring various aspects of carbon dioxide removal, this Network is unique and vital in five key respects:

  1. CDRANet will focus only on removing greenhouse gases (GHG’s) from the Earth’s atmosphere — primarily CO2 but other gases as well. Capture and storage are obviously necessary elements of this discussion and will be incorporated into the group’s work, but the goal of these discussions is to develop affordable, sustainable, and immediately actionable CDR policies.
  2. This Network is policy focused. Our goal isn’t to generate endless conferences and debate, but structured and directed conversations with the goal of devising a workable, high-level, multistakeholder approach to attacking the CDR issue now. All aspects of this issue will be addressed–environmental, technical, financial, social, moral-ethical, sustainability, and other vital considerations.
  3. We are global. Every country has their own ideas and priorities, but atmospheric CO2 removal is going to require global cooperation and collaboration. Relying only on international bodies for this work can be tortuously slow and ultimately ineffective. This Network brings together a wide range of global actors who are willing to work together now on creating a realistic, global solution.
  4. We are empowered for action. Network delegates are high level representatives of their countries and institutions, in a position of authority to develop policy and not only debate details. And finally,
  5. Our work is ongoing. The Network has two main components: an ongoing, high-level conversation (the Network’s policy forum), and annual meetings (our CDRA conferences). The forum will start working by late 2024; our first CDRA conference will be held in the Fall of 2025, with additional annual conferences as needed until our policy goals are met (smaller group meetings will also be held as needed).