Helping science succeed
Helping science succeed

Science Profiles

Breaking science communication barriers

What does science communication look like through the eyes of experts who do this for a living? SCI’s science profiles interview researchers, filmmakers, science writers, teachers, policymakers and more who all bring their unique expertise and perspectives to bear on how to communicate science more effectively.

Ashley Moses & The Civilian, making research more accessible

Science journals can be impossible to understand. Through her nonprofit, the Civilian, Ashley Moses is on a mission to make science more accessible.

Teaching science communication through “makeathons”

Science & Us is a student-led organization that uses “makeathons” to help teach science communication. SCI helped sponsor a recent Science & Us event.

Ruha Benjamin on science and society

Dr. Ruha Benjamin is a both a prominent scholar and a science communication expert. Read more about her story in the great interview by SCI’s Diana Crow.

Breaking the glass ceiling in math

For the first time in the 78-year history of the Fields Medal, a woman has won the award—Maryam Mirzakhani of Stanford University.

Monica Ramirez-Andreotta —scientist, artist, community-educator

Dr. Monica Ramirez is a scientist with a great deal of experience and expertise in science communication. Learn more about Dr. Ramirez’s secrets in this great interview by Diana Crow.

Monica Feliú-Mójer, outreach scientist

Dr. Monica Feliú-Mójer is a both scientist and a highly accomplished science communication expert. Read more about her story in this great interview by SCI’s Diana Crow.

Ari Daniel, radio and multimedia producer

Ari Daniels is a well-known journalist with an expert flair for effective science communication. Hear more about Ari’s scicomm journey in this great interview by SCI’s Diana Crow.

Alexis Gambis, science filmmaker

Alexis Gambis has a PhD in molecular biology, as well as a flair for filmmaking. Read more about Alexis’s story in this great interview by SCI’s Diana Crow.

Product-oriented STEM education

The value of using hands-on education to teach complex subjects is too often overlooked.

Improving science access through infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe. For complex subjects like science, even words can fail us. Enter infographics.