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Helping science succeed

UNESCO approves open science draft


On May 11, 2021, UNESCO member states formally approved a draft version of a global open science policy recommendation the agency developed in 2020 during through it’s global consultation process. OSI and a number of other expert groups spoke at these consultations and also provided background materials (see OSI’s open science recommendation here).

The intent of this recommendation is to provide a common definition of open science for the global community, and a common framework for action on open science. As a multi-stakeholder organization, OSI doesn’t have a single position on UNESCO’s policy, other than to observe that it is important to recognize that open science has different meaning and motivations for different groups, and that embracing these differences and building on our common ground will be the best way forward for open science and all open solutions.

OSI looks forward to working with UNESCO in the coming months and years to build on the momentum of its new policy. In parallel, OSI has been working with UNESCO since 2015 on a unified, collaborative vision for open, and will continue its work in this regard. Many components of this approach are embedded in the new open science policy draft.

UNESCO’s draft will be voted on by the full UN General Assembly in October of 2021. To stay updated on the latest versions of this policy and for more details on the regional meetings that occurred and the advisors who shaped this policy, visit the UNESCO open science website.