Helping science succeed
Helping science succeed

OSI 2022 Annual Report



OSI’s 2022 work was primarily centered on our global survey and policy development work, as described below:

  • OSI Research Communication Surveys: OSI designed and launched two sets of surveys for researchers. The first survey, conducted between March and July 2022, was open to all researchers and involved completing a single set of questions. The second survey, conducted during July, involved answering four separate surveys over four weeks. Participants in the second survey included participants in the first survey plus a number of other prominent researchers who accepted OSI’s invitation to participate. The goal of both of these surveys was to better understand researcher opinions about research communication—things like journal articles, peer review, and other methods and practices researchers use to prepare and share their work with other researchers and the general public. Survey analysis took place between September and December. The final version of this analysis (published in April 2023) is available online at
  • OSI Policy Perspective 6: Glenn Hampson spent from September of 2022 to April of 2023 researching and writing a new policy report for OSI that lays out the next steps for global open access policy. This report was completed in April 2023; the published version is available online at
  • Outreach: At the time of the writing of this report, Policy Perspective 6 is currently being emailed to policy leaders around the world. This outreach work is a 2023 activity, however, and will be described in OSI’s 2023 annual report.