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Helping science succeed

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Big picture

OSI’s reports gather knowledge and lessons of experience from all stakeholder groups in scholarly communication, not just single stakeholder viewpoints.


Too often, debates in scholarly communication revolve around what advocates in the global north and west want. OSI manages a global dialogue.


OSI reports identify where progress can be made and what actors need to be involved. OSI’s policy briefs are shared with our main policy partner, UNESCO.


Findings from OSI’s global survey of researchers

What do researchers around the world think about open access and open data policies? What kinds of open policies do they really want and need?

Considering evidence-based approaches to open policy

According to the world’s most influential open access policies, only certain types of information outputs are genuinely open. In practice, however, there are actually many...

Recommendations to UNESCO on developing a unified approach to open

How do various open ideas and histories overlap---open access, open data, open science, and more---and what might a unified approach to open look like?

Open science roadmap recommendations to UNESCO

Like the concept of open itself, open science means different things to different people. International standard-setting policies need to take this diversity into account if...

Common Ground in open research

Debate in various open movements, especially open access, has been anything but cordial over the past 20 years. If we looked at this debate from...


OSI Brief: A unified approach to open

Is it possible to create a unified approach to different open solutions like open access, open data, and open source? Why should we con-sider this,...

OSI Brief: Deceptive publishing

Deceptive publishing (also known as predatory publishing) has been a growing problem in scholarly publishing for years now. What do we know about it? What...

OSI Brief: What do we mean by “open”?

While the word “open” has become ubiquitous in discussions around providing greater access to scholarship, there is no generally accepted definition of the term that...

OSI Brief: How fast is open growing?

How many of the world’s research articles can be read for free by anyone anywhere? This “opening” of the scholarly record is a herculean task...