Helping science succeed
Helping science succeed

Teaching science communication through “makeathons”

Science & Us is a student-led organization that helps teens discover science communication, media, policy, and related fields. The organization’s website states that “there are thousands of activities for teens to learn STEM, but virtually none that focus on communicating it in engaging, accessible ways. On top of that, there are few initiatives that truly help ‘non-science students’ find a place for STEM in their lives. We believe that fields like science media, policy, outreach, and more will not only change the world, but are also perfect ways for today’s youth to fuse their diverse interests into fulfilling careers.”

One of the tools Science & Us uses to teach science communication is to host “Makeathons”—hands-on events where students can directly experience the challenges and rewards of making STEM accessible and interesting. SCI occasionally has the budget flexibility to help support science communication activities like this one. We are pleased to have been able to help support this event.

Event recap (Aug 2019)

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