Helping science succeed
Helping science succeed

Report from the Scholcomm Experts Stakeholder Group


This stakeholder group reflects a diverse constituency including: university presses; repository managers; scholarly communication librarians; researchers; copyright attorneys; funders; and more. Indeed, we believe we embody a microcosm of stakeholders across the scholarly publishing terrain.

As professionals with shared interests in supporting a sustainable scholarly publishing lifecycle we share a perspective of OA that reflects both the need for clarity in communication about what open scholarship means and a richer underlying landscape enabling a spectrum of openness for different scholarly objects. For instance, open data may demand both a different meaning and a different timeline for achieving “openness” than open articles would. Yet, the way the scholarly community interprets “open” is currently muddled by disparate understandings of the term and stymied by the existing binary publishing framework—that is, open vs. closed.