Helping science succeed
Helping science succeed


  1. If you haven’t already done so (and haven’t received a waiver), please pay your conference registration fee right away. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet—there are actually quite a few delegates who have been waiting until the event date draws nearer—but we do need everyone to ante up now so we can place our catering order (incentive alert: less money in the catering budget means bagels for breakfast, pb&j for lunch, and KFC for dinner—my kind of cuisine anyway, but maybe not what everyone had in mind). Email me if you’re unsure of your payment status. If you’re still on the unpaid list next week, you may receive a Grinch-ish email.
  2. In order to help us more effectively meet the transportation needs for this event, please fill out this quick one-minute questionnaire so we can tally up everyone’s arrival and departure schedule (or driving/Metro plans).Remember to reserve your hotel room The official cutoff date is March 29th (after which time any remaining space in the hotel will be released to the public).
  3. Please consider having your institution provide long-term support for OSI. Our goal is to establish broad ownership for this effort. Contributions can be made via PayPal, the nSCI fundraising platform, or check. At the institutional level, thanks to UNESCO, Elsevier, and the PressForward Institute for their generous support to date, as well as to our host for this first conference, George Mason University.
  4. Submit your nominations for the host institution for OSI2017. Planning will get underway in late April, pending a vote of the full delegate assembly.
  5. The expanded profile feature of the conference program is being shelved for the time being due to a lack of widespread interest. The same goes for poster sessions. We’re reworking both of these ideas and will keep you posted.

All questions and submissions can go to the same email address — [email protected].

Thank you all and best regards,


Glenn Hampson
OSI Program Director
[email protected]