Helping science succeed
Helping science succeed

Launching Projects

We invent, launch, finance and manage projects that improve science communication tools, practices, and policies, especially those used inside science.

Creating Networks

We unite stakeholders to share perspectives, and work on common ground to develop realistic, sustainable reforms that benefit everyone.

Improving Discovery

SCI’s work improves how science knowledge is shared, which will lead to better science, better science policies, and new and faster discoveries.

2024 Priorities

CDR Conference Planning

Global efforts to address climate change will need to include coordinated global action to remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. SCI’s 2025 Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) conference will be the first major global conference dedicated to creating the necessary policy framework for this vital work.

Combatting Disinformation

Working across disciplines and countries, SCI will continue investigating the best way to fund and develop a global Disinformation Awareness Training & Education program (DATE). This program will unite diverse experts and combine their insights into practical and effective tools, resources and networks. 

Open Science Policy

Through our global Open Scholarship Intitiative (OSI) project, SCI will continue working with policy makers from around the world to develop the future of open science, with the goal of ensuring that this future is effective for research and researchers, evidence-based, and equitable.

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