Helping science succeed
Helping science succeed

2017 Support

The OSI community is very grateful for the support it receives from partners, sponsors, delegates, and volunteer organizers. OSI partners include the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the National Science Communication Institute (which oversees OSI), and the universities who help develop, host, and make this event possible every year (George Mason University in 2016, and George Washington University in 2017). The sponsors for OSI2016 and OSI2017 are listed below (in US$):

Source OSI2016 OSI2017
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation $0 $25,000
UNESCO $48,000 $25,000
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation $20,000 $20,000
Elsevier $7,500 $20,000
PressForward Institute (via Sloan) $5,500 $0
Taylor & Francis (Informa) $0 $5,000
Nature Publishing Group (Macmillan) $5,000 $10,000
George Mason University $4,500 $0
Wiley $7,500 $10,000
Laura & John Arnold Foundation $5,000 $0
Sage Publications $5,000 $5,000
Copyright Clearance Center $2,000 $0
ResearchMedia $500 $0
Participant fees (@ $500 ea) $58,000 $14,000
Private donations $350 $300
Total income $168,850 $134,300
Sponsor type % of total OSI funding
Foundations 23%
Publishers 26%
Participants 24%
Other 4%

Members of the OSI2017 conference organizing committee include Alison Mudditt, Bryan Alexander, Claudia Holland, Eric Olson, Richard Gedeye, Geneva Henry, Jake Orlowitz, Joann Delenick, John Warren, Neil Jacobs, Ramesh Gaur, Rick Anderson, Sindy Escobar Alvarez, Susan Fitzpatrick, T Scott Plutchak, Joyce Ogburn and Glenn Hampson.